Since 2001 we started the farm. Now it approved in all aspects of agriculture, Experience ,visits and advice made me to construct my farm purely on the basis of organic cultivation in order to turn the youth into Agriculture.Our farm is a simple model of an Eco-system which consists of Aquaculture,Agriculture,Horticulture etc..Besides these our pet animals,birds,water conservation ponds,minute income generating methods adopted without destroying our land meaningless-means maximum utility of land suitable for environmental equilibrium.

So many birds are here, so many varieties of cows are here, so many varieties of fishes are cultured both ornamental and edible,Organically cultivated fruits and vegetables. So many farmers come here to create this type of cultivation which is eternal and peaceful. Our farm belongs to 7 Acres of land in which Boating ,Fish catching, Physical exercise facilities are opened for those who wanted.

If you want folk milk, we supply, If you want fruits to the routine of food pattern we give, If you want to enjoy the nature Syam Farm sets its surroundings. Our botanical garden introduces you to a new world in which divine trees, birth star plants, Navagraha plants, Dasapushpangal and very rarely seen plants in the world.