National level award

National level award:

National Award given by Narendra Modi Honorable Prime Minister of India in 2013 at Gandhinagar in Gujarath-with cash prize of Rs. 51,000

State Level Award:

State level Award given by Honorable Chief Minister Oommen Chandi for aqua culture in Kerala State

Medicinal plants award:

Medicinal plants award given by Honorable Minister Smt.Santhosh Chowdhary govt of India in 2013 for Medicinal plant cultivation and it’s awareness(Department of Ayusb-National Medicinal plant board).

Other various awards from ATMA Wayanad District Award in 2010. Splash monsoon award in 2009, award from Wayanad agricultural society 2011, farmers association of India award 2011, Oisca International award 2011 and so many Honors by local, self government, voluntary organizations.