Areca nut seedlings

In our farm short as well as tall areca nuts are there.We are having 5 verities of Areca Nut. Among them the new one to the market is the dwarf areca nut. We started selling dwarf areca nut seedlings too. We are not only selling as areca nut which we got from areca palm also.

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Coffee Seedlings

Coffee seedlings are available with us .we are preparing our coffee seedlings from the coffee beans of Coffee board of India. We are supplying S-274(robusta) which is having high uniformity yields. Chandragiri coffe seedlings are also available.

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Agar seedlings.

From Syam nursery our clients are able to get the seedlings of agar trees. The odour of agarwood is complex and pleasing. Agarwood is also considered the world's most valuable incence with even higher price for high quality agarwood.

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