Rohitha (Roho)

We are providing Rohu fingerlings and as food fishes too.

Rohu is a species of fish of the carp family, found in rivers in South Asia is a commercially important aqua-cultured freshwater species in India. It reaches a maximum length of 2 m (6.6 ft) and a weight of about 110 kg (240 lb). The name Rohu is commonly used in many Indian languages including Malayalam to refer this fish.


Rohu is one of the few freshwater fish containing high nutritional profile comparing some fishes. Consuming Rohu helps to promote the growth and development of body cells and tissues which support the smooth functioning of the biological activities such as increase the health of the cardiovascular system, boost the immunity system etc. The high vitamins and mineral content reduce the damage caused by free radicals and prevent cancer.


Rohu fish is rich in proteins and omega 3 fatty acids which helps the overall activities of the body. Rohu contains vitamins such as B12, B6,C, etc.and minerals such as iron,zinc,selenium,potassium,calcium and phosphorus etc.

Breeding in Rohu Fish Farming

Usually, Rohu fish gain maturity at the age of three years and a female Rohu fish contains about 3 lakhs eggs. The best season for egg laying is from April to July. Rohu fish lays eggs in open waters and don’t lays eggs in stagnant water.