Grass carp (Grass fish)

Grass carp fish is generally a carp fish of China and Russia. This fish is suitable for farming in pond with other carp fish. Grass carp fish is mostly available in Asia but also available in some other places of the world. They generally lives in lakes, backwaters of large rivers, pools and ponds and a carp fish of freshwater. It can move very fast in the water. Grass carp known as known as white amur in United States.


The grass carp is a freshwater vegetation fish. They eats different types of plants and leaves form the water. Sometimes they eat feed up to three times their own body weight everyday. They eat feed from all water level. They eats various types of aquatic weeds, plants, leaves, green grasses etc. from the pond. They plays a very vital role in controlling aquatic weeds by consuming them.


Grass carp don’t lays eggs in bounded water. They lays eggs in open water reservoir like river. 20°c-30°c temperature is very suitable for reproduction process of grass carp fish. Minnow can also be produced artificially in the hatchery.