Boal fish

Boal fish is a species of catfish. They are cannibalistic in nature. Boal fish can found in lakes, swamp or large rivers. It is a fish species of south Asia. This fish species found in Bangladesh, India, Pakistan, Vietnam, Indonesia, Afghanistan and some other countries. This fish is also known by some other names like wallago, wallagonia attu, borali etc. Due to its ferocity it is also known as freshwater shark. Boal is a freshwater fish. Physical characteristics, classification, food habit and breeding of this fish species are described below.


Boal fish is very cormorant and carnivorous. They eat different types of small fish and animal from water. Baby Boals eat various types of tiny fish and insects. Boal fish generally eat feed at night. They also eat rotten body of dead animal. Due to its carnivorous and predacious nature they are known as freshwater shark.


Rainy season is the breeding period of Boal fish. They generally lays eggs in July to August. They lays eggs in both bound and open water reservoir.