Fruits and vegetables

We have so many visitors to buy Organic fruits and vegetables from our farm. We have so many varieties of fruits like chikoo (Manilkara zapota),Pineapple (Ananas comosus),fig fruit, straw berry,red lady papaya, Sugarcane, Ramboottan, Cherry, Different verities of mango etc..

Varieties of Mango Trees in 150 numbers,Vegetables,35 variety of Fruit plans are also cultivated. Among fruits Durian(Durio), Different varieties of Gua, mangosteen (Garcinia mangostana ),Litchi ( Litchi chinensis), Rambutan( Nephelium lappaceum),Fig fruit(Ficus carica),Red Lady Papaya,Passion fruit( Passiflora edulis),Baraba,chickoo( Manilkara zapota) etc.. are important items. Baby plants and all the products of above mentioned plants are available in farm

Coming to vegetable part,Vegetables are cultivating in our own poly house and open field under 100% organic protection. Tomatto, Bitterguard, Cabage, Chilly, salad Cucumber, Cucumber, Capsicum(Capsicum annuum) are the important among them.