Gir Cow

One of the main attraction to our visitors is our Gir Cow and Bull. The most unusual feature of Girs is their convex forehead, which acts as a cooling radiator to the brain and pituitary gland . The animals have a big head with prominent bulging shield like forehead and a long face.Their ears are long and pendulous, opening to the front and resembling a curled up leaf. Gir ears are very large and are an excellent fly and insect swatter.

The Gir cow has high milk producing capacity along with paramount resistance to several tropical diseases.Gir cow milk is categorized as A2 milk. One of the most important mineral present in cow's milk is calcium. This mineral is vital for bones growth and development. Regular consumption of A2 milk has shown reduction in autism in children, schizophrenic symptoms, incidence of cardiovascular disease , type-1 diabetes and various neurological, endocrine and immunological disorders.